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WinParrot is a
FREEWARE. It can record and control any application on Windows.
This software, certified on Windows XP, Vista and 7 has five usages:

      Automate your recurring tasks
      Load your data into your applications (Internet Explorer, Oracle Applications, SAP ...)
      using data from an Excel spreadsheet
      Test the robustness of an application by simulating multiple users
      Conduct demonstration or training of an application (by slowing the speed of play)
      Schedule tasks (schedule the execution of macros).

Winparrot is known for its following qualities:

WinParrot requires no installation and no administration right.
Start recording your tasks or your entries, WinParrot will replay them immediately without programming

With a very simple language (very close to that of Excel) you can insert visual checkpoints, loops, conditions or data from Excel spreadsheets.
You can control the tolerance of an image recognition, shapes or texts, change the speed of typing or moving the mouse....

In order to avoid slowing down your computer WinParrot is optimized to use the least possible of memory and CPU.

WinParrot verifies its signature. If a virus attempts an intrusion or if WinParrot is corrupted, it will alert you.
Once a bug is found on WinParrot, it is corrected in a few days.
Feel free to ask us for more information:
Download WinParrot 2.1.3
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United States
"The program's instructions are simple and clear: press the Record button, record your process, and press End when you're done. There's no need to schedule the program to play back your macro: Simply press Play. The Help file offers a huge range of commands and many screenshots to help users customize WinParrot."
United States
"WinParrot does far more than most free macro recorders to help you resolve problems, though. It clearly displays your sequence of steps after recording, for instance. A Debug mode helps you better understand how your macro works."
"WinParrot to rozbudowany i calkowicie darmowy program, majacy na celu automatyzacje najczesciej wykonywanych na komputerze operacji. Pozwala ono skutecznie rejestrowac ruchy myszka, klikniecia, a takze czynnosci wykonywane za posrednictwem klawiatury i samoczynne ich powtarzanie w dowolnym momencie..."
"WinParrot é uma aplicação muito interessante, que não precisa ser instalada para utilização. Ele pode ser definido como um aplicativo autônomo, podendo ser baixado a partir do portal WinParrot, e utilizar as suas funcionalidades pode ser muito simples..."
United States
"You could run a screen grab tool to capture an image, then do something with the resulting file. Or you might use WinParrot to set up a software demo, such as entering figures into a spreadsheet, and producing a graph with the results..."
"The application is very complete. It would be difficult to explain everything in a few lines. Be aware that well used, it can save you much time.".
United States
"WinParrot is a handy program for Windows users who want to automate tasks on their operating system...
New users should take a look at the excellent online help to get accustomed to the application."
United States
"WinParrot is an application which allows you to record your recurring tasks and to execute them anytime in the same manner in a single click.".
"Uma fantástica solução, simples e intuitiva, que nos ajudará a automatizar o nosso trabalho diário e recorrente."
"A fantastic solution, simple and intuitive, which will help us automate our daily work."
"WinParrot is a great program that observes user behavior on your computer and repeats the most common operations."
"WinParrot es una herramienta simple que fue diseñada para ayudarte a automatizar los trabajos diarios recurrentes en tu windows..."
"WinParrot possiede un'affascinante interfaccia grafica che rende il programma di semplice comprensione e, quindi, utilizzo. La stessa risulta essere pertanto adatta sia agli utenti che si approcciano per la prima volta nella loro vita a sfruttare questo tipo di funzioni, sia ai veterani di questo bellissimo settore..."
Czech Republic
"WinParrot simply loads each movement of your mouse and keyboard, so you can automate virtually any action. ..."
Great Britain
"The program makes it unusually easy to get started. It’s a tiny 654KB download; there’s no installation required, just unzip and run; and recording your macro is as simple as, well, clicking Record (and pressing the End key when you’re done)..."
Russian Federation
"WinParrot - it is a useful utility that can be used by owners of Windows-based systems to automate a variety of repetitive actions. The proposed smart tool designed for accurate recording and playback keystrokes and mouse manipulation..."
"Vi piacerebbe avere un pc a comando che fa tutto ciò che desiderate? Con WinParrot, il pappagallo per Windows, è possibile registrare tutte le operazioni al pc che facciamo più spesso e successivamente possiamo eseguire tali operazioni richiamandole tramite nome..."
United States
"A portable and small but very powerfull. As it is all about replicating actions and so the possibilities are endless. WinParrot with many options and tasks to run from make it a great utility...."
"Remarkably WinParrot can be used to extend the macro (a command to record user activity) in the presence of looping, conditional testing, variables and mathematical functions. WinParrot is one useful debugging tool to test everything and can run automatically...."
United States
"Do you want to make a duplicate log of all the things and tasks that you do on your PC? If yes, than WinParrot is definitely the perfect software for you...."
United States
"...Put it all together and WinParrot really is an excellent tool, which scores in every area: it’s compact, portable, has no adware hassles, doesn’t require admin rights, is easy enough for beginners to use, yet also has a wealth of powerful options which experts will love. We’ve no idea why it’s also free..."